Festival of buffalo fights

Swamp buffalo have a grey skin at birth, but become slate blue later. But on the official fighting day the 9th day of the 8th lunar month only six buffaloes are allowed to participate.

Buffalo Fighting Festival in Vietnam

Buffalo fighting performance The beginning of the worshipping ceremony lasts until lunch time. Citrus pulp and pineapple wastes have been fed safely to buffalo. A good river male can impregnate females in a year.

The buyers show a lot of concern about the head of the animal and three standards must be met: The swamp type was noticed to have the closest relationship with the tamaraw. In my point of view, i doesnt like it. As a result, they were hunted in the Top End from until That is why buyers can omit unimportant standards.

Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival 2018

Their dorsal ridges extend further back and taper off more gradually. When all are in their place, a drum roll sounds from the 2 gates of the fighting round. The horns, which can measure up to a record of 3. At the completion of the fight, the spectacle of "receiving the buffalos" is very interesting as the leaders must then catch the winning buffalo to grant it its reward.

They were used primarily for meat production, frequently sold as hamburger.

Amazing Buffalo Fight | Hai Luu Viet Nam Festival 2018| [ 24 vs 28] Fight to death 16 01 2018

The match ends after 5 fights. Numbers dropped dramatically as a result of the campaign, but have since recovered to an estimatedanimals across northern Australia in At the next signal, the two leaders release the ropes that are attached to the noses of the buffalos.

As a matter of fact, Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival has been long conducted within the region since the 18th century. Thousands of people watch the competition in rain.

It would seem more reasonable to have 3 matches, because in this round, the winner in the first match will have to fight with the third one, which is having a rest. One buffalo may be injured at the beginning of the match, and it wants to retreat; but the winner will not let it go, driving it back to the ring, and defeating it completely.

Water buffalo meat is imported from Australia. Or during the time of breeding, they can improve some standards that the buffalo lacks. As soon as the right signal is released, the two buffalos are led into the fighting circle. They were divided into 16 pairs for the qualifying round on February They are especially brave.

After raising enough money, the head of the hamlet holds a meeting with the old people in the hamlet who have experience in buffalo fighting to make offerings to the gods and to choose someone to buy a buffalo.

One of the legends has it that long time ago, one Creator caused a severe drought. Swamp buffalo carry their calves for one or two weeks longer than river buffalo. Do Son was divided into 3 smaller villages Dong, Nam, Doai.

In the early morning of the 9th day in the 8th lunar month, local people hang out together at their Village Halls. These buffalos, that had experienced the qualifying round, must be between 4 and 5 years old, with a good appearance, a wide chest, a big groin, a long neck, an acute bottom and bow shaped horns.

The preparation for this buffalo fighting festival is an elaborate process, from the 5th and the 6th lunar month itself. Their horns grow downward and backward, then curve upward in a spiral. People on one side move three steps forward, while people on the other side move three steps backward.

At present, Do Son is a town but the local people earn their living by growing rice or by fishing.

Buffalo Fighting

Untilonly one commercial breeder was in the United States. In recent years, this traditional festival attracted not only local residents but also thousands of domestic and international tourists.

After the live export ban that year, the exports dropped to zero, and had not resumed as of June In the most miserable moment, suddenly people saw two buffaloes fighting fiercely on the wave crests and the rains started to pour down, reviving all creatures.

Usually, the buffalo keeping is given to the people in the hamlet with the most experience. Do Son and Do Hai each got 6 hamlets, while Ngoc Xuyen had 2 hamlets; thus there were 14 hamlets in the whole Do Son, all of which took part in the festival.

This is to ask the gods to help them buy a good buffalo so that it can win the fight this year. The water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) or domestic Asian water buffalo is a large bovid originating in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China.

Today, it is also found in Europe, Australia, North America, South America and some African countries. [1]. Aug 05,  · buffalo fighting festival thailand.

Buffalo fights off two lions in SIX hour battle in South Africa

The purpose of the implementation of the thailand Tedong is to entertain the guests who attended the funeral ceremony, and to. The festival derives from the belief of Do Son’s locals that buffalo fighting is in favor of their guardian gods and hence a continuity of this activity brings them safe voyages, abundant crops as well as healthy and wealthy people—signs of prosperity and happiness.

Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival takes off with a colorful procession with an octet and a big procession chair, carried by six strong young men.

The chosen buffalos, covered with red cloth and red band around their horns, are taken to the fighting ring by 24 young men, from each side dressed in red.

Traditional buffalo fights are part of Magh Bihu festivities at Boidyabori village, east of Guwahati on Sunday. Buffalo fighting is a century-old tradition to the people of Koh Samui. In fact, it's one of the most popular pastimes of the residents.

Water buffalo

When it comes to experiencing the culture and traditions of Thailand, you will find a plenty of unique cultural attractions on Koh Samui.

Festival of buffalo fights
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Koh Samui Buffalo Fighting - Stadium Locatio, Festival & Map, Thailand