Blue dart courier service case study

The evolution of technology makes it difficult to be stuck to certain solutions, especially for courier delivery services, where the technological innovation played crucial roles in adding competitive advantages to its adopters.

About Blue Dart Express Ltd: A door-to-door delivery service is offered within the next New Partner Selection Criteria. Door to door delivery are for individual customers, who want parcels to be sent to relatives or friends.

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For companies involving in services, the utmost strength of the company comes from its people. FedEx dedicates such efforts to enhance the understanding of different sets of values and demands that each country has.

Courier delivery services are very dynamic, complex, and costly. Other services also include smart box service. Global Operations in Action. A View from the Real World. DHL has acquired Blue Dart inand now has become the third largest express mail company.

This information supplied by consumer is actually certainly opportunity conserving and minimizes the troublesome on blue dart as well as aids improve its own performance and also integrity.

Keeping the Processes Moving. Outsourcing Is Always an Option. These are the products that do not require much of time limit, though need transportation at minimal cost. FedEx is also one of those that use technology as a value proposition.

As service is of utmost importance for the company, the rewards and appraisals are based on the service level achieved by the delivery persons involved. The Plan Is the Thing. Already, with booming operations in Hong Kong, Macau, and most major markets in Southeast Asia, Yang believes it is only a matter of time before the company can call itself a truly global enterprise.

FedEx as a high class brand could not take it for granted that their partners deliver the values as intended. Thriving in the Internet Age Through E-Commerce Management

Blue Dart has several ways which covers the physical presence of the brand. This problem of revenue leakages is actually well understood to the firm however this has actually certainly not had the ability to manage this concern in an efficient method.

Swiggy has raised a total of In a recent visit, AmCham delegates are reminded of the exponential growth of commerce in China and how Chinese companies are moving quickly to capture business opportunities domestically and internationally.

Swiggy began its Journey from Bengaluru with six delivery executives and 25 restaurants on its platform.

Blue Dart Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

The pricing for such depends on the size of parcel, though is less than business carriages. The HR management of company is very effective.

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These are given a specific target to be achieved for a given period. Blue Dart has come up with innovative solutions and solved all these problems.

It covers international deliveries in more than countries. Its vision is to reach the customers globally and delivery 1 billion packages every year. With advent of online shopping, the importance of delivery systems has increased.

With increasing Ecommerce and even globalization, courier service industry has a bright future. Warehousing is a new section of business started several years ago, Yang notes. For delivery, it follows a Hub-star model, where all parcels are delivered at a hub, and then from there carried on to nearby locations.

The service offerings in its marketing mix product strategy can be explained as follows: They had spotted the need for an online hyperlocal logistics company in the restaurant industry. Plan Creation and E-Volution.

Current Philosophy Toward Integrating the Internet. New Types of Markets. That required increasing the transparency in communication and mutual trust. Due to the effective management of logistics, it has acquired a lot of trusts from its customers, together with generating profitable income from its operations.

Blue Dart is an express courier delivery service, which provides parcel distribution facility, through cargo airline. DHL has acquired Blue Dart inand.

End of Chapter Case On the Spot Courier Services (running case): On the Spot is a small, but growing, courier service that needs to track customers, package pickups, package deliveries, and delivery routes. In Chapter 6 you developed a network diagram for this case. In other chapters (Chapters 3, 4, and 5) use cases, domain model, and activity diagrams were developed.

This is a case study on blue dart courier service. Here you will know how blue dart has started its courier service and evolved over the years.

Any one who wants to enter into the courier services must watch the below video. The video details on what problems blue dart has faced when it started and how it resolved them with their innovative.

Blue Dart Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

We are South Asia's premier courier, and integrated express package Distribution Company. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 35, locations.

ing Blue Dart services, to continue Blue Dart’s legacy of Blue Dart, a Division of DHL Case Study SOTI and Blue Dart: Delivering Daily with % Reliability!

Industry Application Area: Express Air and Integrated Transpor-tation, Distribution and Logistics Mobile Devices. This a Simple Case Study prepared by the Author for Management Course Students in Oct

Blue dart courier service case study
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Blue Dart Tracking of Shipment